It can be challenging, at the very least, to find a therapist that you like by searching the Internet. With this in mind, we can talk on the phone or meet in person for a free fifteen minute consult. I want you to feel encouraged in your decision to seek support, whether you choose to continue with me or not. 

Booking your first appointment. You are free to book an initial phone consult on your own through the link below. You will land on the Booking Appointments page which will offer you the information you need to know about my practice to make an informed decision before proceeding. Setting up an account through my secure client portal is free. There are no apps to download. 

Fees for therapy services are as follows:
$75 to $120 out of pocket sliding scale per forty-five (45) minute individual or couples session.

Payment. Individual and couples therapy sessions are forty-five (45) minutes. Fees are due at the time of service. The credit or debit card you enter for your account will be charged after your session. I do not view, have access to, or store full credit card numbers or related information in order to be in compliance with PCI DSS (the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Insurance. I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts, and ComPsych insurance. Please note that some of these companies provide public plans which I do not accept. I do not accept Mass Health or Medicare. You can check with your insurance company to verify if I am a provider before contacting me. If you choose to book a regular appointment after we talk, one of the forms that will be sent as part of the initial documents packet will detail the insurance information I need. I require a minimum of 48 hours to verify your benefits. If this cannot be done before your first session, your session will be postponed. If I do not take your insurance, I can provide documentation for you to file your own claim for reimbursement.

Please note: If you have secondary insurance and I accept only your secondary insurance but not your primary insurance, and you wish to use your insurance, you will be referred out to your primary insurance website to find a provider who accepts your primary insurance.

Timeliness. Please be on time for your sessions. I will be and ask for the same consideration. You will receive an automatic reminder of your appointment by text and/or email. The reminder is sent as a courtesy. If for some reason you do not receive it, you are still expected to attend your appointment.

Cancellation. Consistency in attending therapy will offer you the opportunity for the best results. However, if you need to cancel your session, please contact me with a minimum of 48 hours notice or you may be charged a fee. If you are late or do not show, your session will be cancelled and you will be charged for the time.

There are, of course, rare extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from providing notice or attending your appointment. I will trust that this will happen only under situations you absolutely cannot control.

Confidentiality. Any communications we have are protected by law. I record your protected health information and session notes on a private secure server. I do not keep any paper copies of records or information. Texts, emails, and voice messages are all deleted once received. Without your specific written permission I cannot even acknowledge you are a client. 

A word about doctors, family, friends, or anyone else who may contact me about your therapy. I have a form available for you to sign to give your written permission allowing me to talk with others. You can specify what information to release and I must, by law, follow your instructions (with the exceptions noted below). This means I cannot talk about your appointment times or arrangements with anyone else without this signed release, including a significant other or family member, even if you verbally tell me it’s okay. Under such a situation, if I am calling to speak with you but cannot, I will simply leave my name and request that you call me back.

However, as a licensed therapist, I am a mandated reporter in the state of Massachusetts. This means that I must report the following to the proper authorities as exceptions to confidentiality:

  • to protect children, the elderly and those with disabilities from abuse or neglect,
  • when required by federal, state or local law, for example, a court order.

Social Media and Social Interactions
Please be aware that while I have an online presence, I do not accept friend requests or interact with clients anywhere, or for any purpose, other than in my professional capacity as a therapist. The American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics for therapists, which can be found here, clearly states that “counselor–client interactions or relationships with current clients, their romantic partners, or their family members are prohibited. This prohibition applies to both in person and electronic interactions or relationships.” Further, if I should see you somewhere in public, outside of our therapeutic relationship, it is likely that I will not acknowledge you. If we are in a social situation, I will act as if I do not know you. I do this not to be rude or unfriendly but to preserve your confidentiality and abide by the Code of Ethics on which my license is based. Thank you for your understanding.


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