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Are you waiting to feel more satisfied with life?
Do you have things to talk about but are afraid you’ll be judged?
Are you drinking and using drugs to cope and can’t imagine life without it?
Do you and your partner have the same argument over and over?


I am a licensed Clinical Therapist in the state of Massachusetts. My practice is located in Chicopee.

There may be new ways to look at what’s bothering you. I can help you grow to feel like you have more power and choices to live your life the way you want. My office is a judgment free zone for LGBTQ people, and others who are marginalized. I want new and current clients to know that I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. I am committed to be a resource for other white people in learning how to become anti-racist while I also learn. You are welcome to discuss these issues in therapy, no matter where you are on your journey to address systemic racism. Click Resources to learn how to educate yourself and take action. I offer unconditional support as you claim your truth as only you know it and everyone’s story is meaningful. If it’s about substance use, there are reasons you are drinking and/or using drugs. We can explore that and talk about how you can stop the downward spiral and take the first steps toward reclaiming your life. I help couples dismantle the cycle of hurt, start to feel heard, become closer, and form a deeper connection. Together we can come up with some ideas to try that could help you feel like you have the ability and resources to reach your goals.

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Let’s arrange a time to chat for fifteen minutes (free, of course) and see what happens!

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Please, if you are in crisis, go to your closest hospital emergency room
or call 911. 

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USPATH Statement on the Surge of Anti-Trans Legislation Occurring Within the US

From: “WPATH” <wpath@PROTECTED>

Subject: USPATH Statement on the Surge of Anti-Trans Legislation Occurring Within the US

Date: March 17th 2021

USPATH Statement on the Surge of Anti-Trans Legislation Occurring Within the US

March 17, 2021

The United States Professional Association for Transgender Health (USPATH) strongly opposes the recent wave of legislation seeking to criminalize health care for young people who are transgender. This legislation prevents young people from accessing life-saving services. Currently 25 states have at least one of these bills moving through the legislature or have already been signed by their governor. These bills are based on misinformation and would cause great harm to transgender young people.

The preponderance of scientific evidence indicates that gender affirming healthcare can greatly help transgender people. Further, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care provide widely accepted guidelines for health care professionals to work with young people and their families. The guidelines are a conservative document that supports all children in exploring their gender and offers team-based approaches to determine the best course of action for each child.

Proposed anti-transgender legislation threatens health care providers with risk for fines, loss of license to practice, and imprisonment. Most importantly, these laws will prevent young people from receiving beneficial, often life-saving services, that have strong evidence of success and are supported by mainstream healthcare professional associations including the American Medical Association, Endocrine Society, American Academy of Pediatrics, Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, and American Psychological Association.

USPATH calls on all people to oppose bills that will not only punish physicians, psychologists, and others providing evidence-based care to young transgender people but will also further threaten their health and well-being. These legislative actions will keep young transgender people, who are experiencing great distress due to discrimination and prejudice because they are transgender, from accessing help from expert medical and mental health providers at the exact time they desperately need professional care and support.

USPATH also calls on our members to educate their communities on the need for gender affirming care to not only help all transgender people thrive but prevent the devastating consequences that come from denying life-saving care.

Click here for the pdf statement.

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